Taking Down A Copyright Troll - Linda Ellis Copyright Scheme

Copyright Troll Steals Soul and Money

It’s hard to grasp the damage copyright trolls cause with their mass copyright litigation threats. When a copyright infringement accusation lands it usually strikes a fan who had no idea sharing content is wrong, bad, immoral or illegal. After all, shared content is why creativity and invention is off the hook.

I get that Intellectual property theft is a huge issue and I agree that people who package another’s product as their own is thievery. But sharing a poem when found as “author unknown” is not the same thing as deliberately plagiarizing or claiming ownership of another’s content for publicity or profit. Linda Ellis’ contention is that sharing The Dash poem on any social media is theft of her property and therefore she is owed a fee for sharing. No excuses.

The story is told that Linda discovered the poem in her grandmother’s bible without author attribution. I think it’s probable Ellis’ grandmother was the author and Ellis took the poem as her own. Her fraudulent behavior and slanderous collection tactics further strengthened the belief that she is not the author of The Dash. The harassment and bullying seems unnatural in light of the poem’s words and validated by the abuse of her fans and readers - most followers of Christianity.

Christians and the Religious Easy Targets for copyright troll

Linda Ellis joins the ranks of the unscrupulous who target Christians with insurance and investment scams and even romance scammers. I’m not sure if Ellis had an eye on ripping off the religious- entities who typically share the poem, but she soon discovered Christians are easy marks. By accusing a fan of a crime while lobbing endless threats, she could settle with individuals, board members, teachers, insurers and even attorneys for huge sums of cash. Ellis raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in false infringement claims without ever stepping into a court.

Linda Ellis Has Never Filed a Copyright Suit Over The Use of The Dash

What prompted me to post today was an email I received from one of the victims who paid her off long ago. Actually she a target’s attorney who arranged to settle with Ellis. The client paid Linda Ellis $2500 on 2015. The attorney had been proud to settle since Ellis initially demanded 50K. I remember talking with this attorney and telling her not to settle. I recall she felt she had negotiated a deal for her client. Members of the board voted to pay Linda and end the unrelenting harassment. The attorney told me that at the time, the founder was dying of cancer and did not want the charity to suffer because of her illness and eventual death. One would think in light of the facts - The Dash poem was printed in the organization’s newsletter as a tribute to the Founder and in celebration of her longstanding service - Ellis would have apologized and backed off. Another successful extortion for Linda Ellis.

Attorneys Give Wrong Advice

This information is not new. What is new is the attorney’s words as she reflected on that time. She said she regretted not listening to my advice. She said that at the time she believed Linda Ellis was indeed a Christian and she believed Ellis would sue her client. She said she felt Ellis had a righteous stance and they had committed a crime. She was terribly afraid of standing before a Federal Court and faced a $250,000 fine. The fear clouded her advice. Now she realizes that she was wrong and that she failed to cut through the emotion of the circumstances. The attorney apologized and told me she had silently been following my efforts to keep The Dash Extortion Scheme from popping up again. If you know of someone who has received a copyright infringement claim regarding The Dash poem, direct them too www.getpoeticjustice.com for the rest of the story. Extortion letters can be emailed to my business email address on this website.