Part 2 - Copyright Troll Unveiled in Her Own Words

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter


On March 2, 2017 Linda Ellis posted this open letter on Facebook along with a Youtube Video denying that she is a copyright troll. Worse she claims that she is a victim of cyberbullying - and circulating false information. The facts are on our side.

I'm including exhibits with each of the posts and links to evidence the repudiates her claim that she is being targeted and bullied by those of us who report on her immoral and what we consider criminal behavior.

Linda Ellis - Author - The Dash

March 2 at 12:18pm · 

"I hope and pray that none of you have to face a (in my opinion) cyberbully. It drains you of your positive energy daily.

Part 2


"--I've never hidden anything about my copyright enforcement policy. It's all here: "


Linda Ellis does not reveal her copyright trolling operation on her website or elsewhere. She claims she is hated for no reason at all and that she's done nothing to deserve all the bad publicity The Dash Extortion scheme feeds. Google "Linda Ellis Cyberbullying". She has been hiding and denying what she does for years. She changed the terminology in her letters from   "copyright infringement fee" to a "retroactive licensing fee".  She's sketchy and doesn't reveal that process. If a person can buy a licensing fee before sharing the poem how much would that licensing fee be? Why doesn't Ellis want us to know that her prosperity is founded on extortion money.


"--I have spent more than 20 years and thousands of dollars to build The Dash by Linda Ellis brand. Each unauthorized post of my work, as you know, only perpetuates the illegal distribution of my property and my brand. I have worked for years so that I may pass down this special work, and that it will not become public domain."


Linda Ellis circulated The Dash for at least three years without enforcing the copyright and without notifying her readers that she would charge them with copyright infringement if they shared it.

The Live Your Dash brand and the Dash Poem claim to represent a philosophy of possibilities of the individual spiritual life. Yet Ellis seems unable to live by the words she says she wrote. For two years she’s been rebranding herself as a victim of Internet bullying. She's suppose to be an inspiring author but she complains to her readers. She says she’s afraid and that a band of horrible people are harassing her. We were once her readers and we fight back by exposing Ellis. That’s it. We care about her targets and victims.

Who are her victims? There are hundreds of really nice people who simply shared that stupid poem. I’ve told dozens of their stories. But the common thread is we are all good people who posted The Dash on social media or in a church or funeral program or as a school assignment. We don’t want to buy a license to share a poem. We believe we are doing the right thing for Ellis and people in general. Linda Ellis is the only known poet who threatens to sue people for sharing her poetry. 


"--No, I do not target bereaved individuals, non-profits or 9-11 victims. Or any of the other groups for copyright infringement, which you've stated many times. This is pure defamation.


Linda Ellis sent the Zampieri Family an extortion letter. This is Robbie's name on the 9-11 Memorial.


The sad part is, you know it. You have stretched the truth beyond measure. In fact, I could share many stories of the opposite. I've flown on my own dime to speak at 9-11 events, funerals and other fundraisers and donated thousands of dollars. You don't know me. You never have."


    Jeanne Schlesinger’s brother was killed in the World Trade Center. Her family started a non-profit that gives scholarships to Catholic School kids. When Jeanne’s dad died exactly ten years to the day of Robbie’s death, her mom included The Dash in her husband’s funeral program and in a newsletter honoring her father and Robbie. I don't know of a better family or more thoughtful and loving people. Ellis didn't bother to research who they are. She demanded money instead. They were and probably still are a grieving family. I've got loads of stories like this.


    The following is a list of just some of Linda's victims. These people all paid her off before January 2013. These "infringements" have expired.


    1. ATL Foundation
    2. Turning Point of
    3. Tampa, Inc.
    4. Sermon Central
    5. Daniel D. Meyer / Christ Church of Oak Brook
    6. First Baptist Church, Olds Alabama
    7. Formal Times Newsletter
    8. South Dakota Chapter American Society Farm Managers
    9. Green Valley Villas West, Green Valley Arizona
    10. Garden Court Real Estate Management Corporation
    11. Bookkeeping 411
    12. USA Triathlon Mideast Region
    13. The Magazine of United Methodist Men
    14. IOWA State USBC Women’s Bowling Association
    15. Bourbon Garden Court
    16. Marco Island Civic Association
    17. Main Street Baptist Church
    18. Neidlinger Garden Court News
    19. Argos Garden Court News
    20. Rubel Shelly
    21. All Saints Church, Rome Italy
    22. Texas A&M University
    23. User Talk
    25. Kemper Mill Civic Association
    26. Git Hub
    27. TARA Association
    28. Waukegan Public Schools
    29. Gerry Spence Attorney
    30. Children’s Lit
    31. The Helixx Group
    32. The Hindu
    33. Mount Pleasant Memorials
    34. Character Education
    35. Baylor University Seminary
    36. Neighborhood Link
    37. David E. Smith Publications
    38. Church of God, In Truth
    39. Yasni, UK
    40. Willet Elementary School PTA
    41. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod
    42. Telechem
    43. Autism Resource Central
    44. First Baptist Church St. Clair, Missouri
    45. Center for Successful Aging
    46. The Houghton Lake Resorter

    Libel. Slander. Extortion

    The definition of "defamation", "slander", "libel" and "extortion".

    Defamation is an area of law that provides a civil remedy when someone's words end up causing harm to your reputation or your livelihood. Libel is a written or published defamatory statement, while slander is defamation that is spoken by the defendant.

    Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim's property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right.

    I can't argue whether or not Linda Ellis does good deeds. I do know that her targets and victims are good people.  I doubt her good deeds balance the harm she causes with the Dash Extortion Scheme. She can deny but she can't erase the people and those letters to families, educators, business owners, religious leaders and the grieving. I should also mention that there isn't a funeral home in the United States that hasn't heard of Linda Ellis. I will also mention that insurance companies have stopped paying off Linda Ellis too. 


    The stories are endless but one that has bothered me the most is about the Executive Director and Founder of a string of martial arts studios for underprivileged kids. This lovely woman got diagnosed with cancer. Her staff threw her a “living celebration” and they put The Dash in the organization’s newsletter. The attorney for the organization called me and said that Ellis wanted $5000 per location and chapter. The attorney knew nothing about copyright and caved in right away - even after I warned her about the scheme. Ellis settled for $2500 - not per chapter, but a total of $2500. I believe that because the attorney was on the Board of Directors and she worried about ignoring Ellis. Most attorneys feel the need to settle rather than wait it out. She also wanted to reduce the strain on the staff and volunteers and everyone was happy she got "such a good deal" from Ellis. Unfortunately, the founder died before the case was settled. She went to her grave knowing that because her staff wanted to honor her they would likely go bankrupt if held to Ellis' demand. That sickens me and yes, I have a string of expletives for Ellis over that one.  

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