Part 5 - Copyright Troll Unveiled In Her Own Words

April Brown - Investigative Reporter

April Brown - Investigative Reporter


On March 2, 2017 Linda Ellis posted this open letter on Facebook along with a Youtube Video denying that she is a copyright troll. Worse she claims that she is a victim of cyberbullying - and circulating false information. The facts are on our side.

I'm including exhibits with each of the posts and links to evidence the repudiates her claim that she is being targeted and bullied by those of us who report on her immoral and what we consider criminal behavior.

Linda Ellis - Author - The Dash

March 2 at 12:18pm · 

"I hope and pray that none of you have to face a (in my opinion) cyberbully. It drains you of your positive energy daily.

Part 5


"You say you're an activist now. An activist who stands against a copyright owner who is legally permitted to be paid for her work when it is distributed unauthorized and unlawfully by organizations and businesses. Aren't there more important things to fight for in this screwed up world -- hunger, homelessness, child abuse, to name a few? So many organizations a true "activist" could be spending her time helping."


My life is easily traceable online. I am the founding Director of Whisker City Cat Rescue. Whisker City is an all-volunteer organization and that includes me.   I'm a charity auctioneer and I own a travel business. My client's are charities and charitable types share inspirational content. Ellis' wealth can be attributed to "settlements" for "damages". She knows where I live and she knows who my husband is (she has written him many times). She's even written letters to his employer.  She brags about contacting them.

I became an activist against copyright trolling because of Linda Ellis. I find what she does heartless and impossible to understand.  I don't understand her desire to paint herself as a victim. I don't understand why she thinks she can conduct business as usual. Ellis has become a laughing stock.


"So April Brown, we will spend our fifties arguing on the Internet."


I’m exactly ten years older than Ellis 55. Do look ten years younger or does Ellis look ten years older. Either way she can't be to happy with her comparison now.

I’m a very busy person with a healthy business and personal life. I wrote a book and I am now writing a documentary. I'm learning both crafts as I go and learning from some of Ellis targets. Because of Linda Ellis Wilene Dunn published my book. Wilene is one of her targets. Ellis sent her extortion letter demanding $5000 for sharing The Dash exactly like I did. The only difference is that Wilene shared The Dash as “Author Unknown” – like she found it and like many of her victims find the poem. Wilene is a sleuth and determined to verify who the true author of The Dash could be. Wilene, like many Ellis targets swears she read it when she was very young.

I met another truly inspirational man, Peter Burwash. Ellis demanded $150,000 from Peter after she discovered he shared The Dash as "author unknown". I also met his lawyer, editor and publisher. I also met Eugene Volokh, the famous First Amendment lawyer and scores of preachers and religious types, teachers and students - all disappointed in Linda Ellis.  More than 400 targets. There isn't a jerk among them. They simply liked a poem and shared it.  No crime is being committed.

Had Ellis been gracious to Peter Burwash he might have co authored a book with her. Had she been gracious with me I likely would have purchased a book and referred her for a speaking gig. If Linda Ellis treasured her reputation and writing and speaking career, she would play life very differently. She thinks and acts like a copyright troll. Ellis has squandered the opportunity to be prosperous and to be properly known. 


"You continuing to post distorted sharing the truth against the lies. What a waste of time. Wish we could just share a lunch and resolve our differences like professional adults.


I have asked Linda Ellis to prove I’m lying about one thing - any thing. She has never posted any evidence to refute the facts. Lunch is out-of-the-question. I would gladly participate in a public debate.


But too much water has passed under the bridge, I suppose. It saddens me to realize that posted insults and infantile memes are how differences are aired and debated in the Cyberworld by people like you and your "team" of harassers."


Linda Ellis created the website "Just Free Speech". The website is libelous. After an extended amount of time she removed the website. There are 7 Exhibits below. Exhibit 5 and 6 are screencaptures of Linda Ellis posting on my Facebook Page . The Just Free Speech website was up for an extended period of time. Much of the content has been moved to Linda Ellis website. The photos and videos she is using are from my website, and my Youtube and Vimeo accounts. The accusations are unsubstantiated and without Exhibits. 



I have empathy for her targets and victims. Ellis should feel the pain I’ve witnessed. I don't pity her for her recent financial hardship. This is the results of visiting fear and intimidation on her readers.

It's not as if we haven't tried to reason with her. I called Ellis and she didn't take my call. Other targets have reached Ellis and John Jolin and begged for reason and she hung up on them.

I will be thrilled when mainstream media finally catches on to her scheme. When that happens I believe we will discover earlier versions of The Dash. I believe that the reason Ellis wants to silence us is because she's hiding this dirty secret. The shame must be overwhelming for her.

There is no "team of harassers". We report what she does. We don't create evidence. We stick to the facts.


"Life is too short for all of this. I actually do wish you well, and I respect your passion. I just wish it were directed toward something positive."


Linda Ellis


Linda Ellis no longer enjoys the spoils of copyright settlements. Linda Ellis is a copyright troll.


If you have been a victim of Linda Ellis and want to share your story of abuse and harassment, Contact Mac Anderson at Simple Truths below.
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