52 Card Elimination Game Rules

The 52 Card Elimination Game is a simple game and the supplies are inexpensive - about 40 cents per player. This game fits any audience no matter their sophistication. Cards are cool and fitting for a black tie affair or country hoe down. Everyone relates to playing cards.

Each card represents one play and requires a duplicate card for the dealer running the game. Multiple decks can be used depending on the number of guests OR depending on the price point. It's a good idea to offer games at different price points so that the entire buying power of the audience is tapped. 

For instance one deck equals 52 plays multiplied by the price per play. Plays are driven by the desire and value of the Grand Prize. More winners can be drawn for secondary prizes. Those prizes are typically offered by choice, meaning that the winners can choose from a limited selection of prizes that are displayed on a prize table. An alternative once the game narrows down to the top 10 - 12 players and after the grand prize drawing, those players in the final elimination round can choose a consolation prize from the prize table. We suggest that players must be present to win.

The game is quite easy. Order at least two decks of Jumbo Plastic Coated Playing Cards - Giant 5x7 Inch Playing Cards - on Amazon.com. From one deck individual plays are sold to individual players with the playing cards acting as a "raffle ticket" or "opportuity".  One deck will remain on stage with the dealer. The cards are reusable - certainly the deck on stage will remain in tact and used again. The playing card the guest keeps can be collected after the game and used again and again too. The cards are easy to collect by one volunteer roaming the floor with a basket after each elimination round. 


How To Play 52 Card Elimination

Auction games are easier to manage if the volunteers work in pairs. If volunteers are limited, this game is one of the easier games to manage. The volunteer will need a clipboard to tally bid numbers and one deck of cards. The volunteer will hold the deck of cards face down and ask the player (guest) to choose one card. The volunteer or guest writes their bid number on the tally sheet and the guest takes the card with them. 

The game is played during the live auction and program timeline. The host, auctioneer or Master of Ceremonies will pull ten cards at a time over five rounds. Those cards are announced eliminating 10 guests at a time until round five. At round five those players are invited to come to the front or up on stage for the final elimination. From those final players the Grand Prize card is selected. The remaining contestants are invited to visit the prize table to choose a consolation prize.

How Much Should We Charge to Play?

Deciding what to charge for plays depends on the buying power of guests and the prize driving the desire to play. Usually the tickets should reflect the risk. A $100 play requires a prize of $2500 - $5000 or more.  The supplies are so affordable this model can be used for goals as low as $500 and prizes of the same value.