Auction Game - Bid for the Bounty

The Bounty. The Runaround. The Popcorn Game. Last Paddle Standing. Bid for the Bounty.

One of the more popular games popped onto the scene several years ago and is gaining fans. As you can see the game is referred to by many names. I call it Bid for the Bounty because it’s catchy and actually explains what is going on. Bid for the Bounty appeals more to an adult audience and the graphic is excellent. You are welcome to download the logo I created for you.

Abra Annes from Genorisity auction explains how to play in this video. The Popcorn Game.

Bill Minish posted an excellent article on how to play The Runaround.

Pinterest shares these great ideas for similar and unique Auction Games.

What You Need To Consider.

Bid for the Bounty takes time. If the timeline is tight, this game is not the game to play. The dual purpose of this game is to buy time for the clerks to get caught up and shift from serious energy back to more of a light hearted atmosphere. I consider this game a way to cleanse the audience of the constant coaxing to give, bid and throw money at the organization all night. Games like Bid for the Bounty is a game everyone can play and more of a group raffle. Everyone can see who is playing which creates even more recognition for supporters. The game is highly competitive and often one person will raise their bid card as many as a dozen times. Usually the person running around the room is agile and popular and wearing tennis shoes. If a man is running our goal is to make him sweat and it’s for that reason the runner is usually casually dressed and not embarrassed by the process.

How Does the Game End?

I think it’s important that the great rapport I’ve developed with the audience is not shattered because I ended the game before people were done playing. Often as I’m closing 20 hands will go up and my solution is simple. I invite a volunteer or someone from the audience to the stage and I ask them to keep their back to the audience. I tell the audience “When Ms. Jones turns around the game ends”. In the spirit of fairness,f there is a tie between 3 guests I pull out a deck of cards and let each player draw a card and high card wins.

I ask the bid recorders to turn on “Audio Notes” on their smart phone to help create an accurate record. In fact, I recommend all of the live auction should be audio recorded.