Human Rights Campaign - The Magic of Exceptionalism

Chef’s For Equality 2018 Washington D.C.  Washington National Cathedral

Chef’s For Equality 2018 Washington D.C.

Washington National Cathedral

Event Planning Magic

I’m often impressed by the talented people I associate with in the fundraising business. As much as I think I know, I never cease to learn new ways of influencing the bidding and buying process. Although many events are managed by volunteers but the numbers continue to rise of those charities who rely on professional event planners. I’ve worked with some impressive people and the great event planners create a design that supports the show flow and mission of the organization. One of the best in the business is the team of Mike, Richard and Molly. The work for the Human Rights Campaign. I’ve had the good fortune of executing the auction segment of many HRC events for more than a decade. These pro’s have fundraising down to a science.

The foundation of every gathering begins with hospitality combined with effective messaging and the Human Rights Campaign fundraising task force is amazing. I often say HRC events remind me of attending church and finding myself laughing, crying and responding to whatever message the choir and preacher were delivering. It’s no accident that tapping into human emotions is the way to building solid relationships and the HRC team hits on all cylinders. HRC galas highlight the accomplishments of the people they serve while sharing the damage inequality causes to humanity. Not only are HRC galas financially successful, they are life transforming and motivate people to action. Every auction gala builds support, volunteerism, donors and on going donations. This is why HRC is one of the most powerful organizations for making change and improving life as we know it.

April Brown