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How to Have a successful Paddle Raise, Fund-a-need, Ask

The power of the paddle raise is often not fully understood. It can be under promoted or thrown together at the last minute leaving the message of the need poorly presented. The Paddle Raise is the most valuable single item being sold and needs to be given the time and the marketing collateral to sell the audience on participating fully. If the goal is to raise $50,000, then create $50,000 worth of attention for heaven’s sake!

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52 Card Elimination Game Rules

The 52 Card Elimination Game is a simple game and the supplies are inexpensive - about 40 cents per player. Each card represents one play and requires a duplicate card for the dealer running the game. Multiple decks can be used depending on the number of guests OR depending on the price point. It's a good idea to offer games at different price points so that the entire buying power of the audience is tapped. 

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Free Lanyard Bid Cards

Lanyard bid numbers are used to keep guests hands free during the silent auction timeline. These photos were taken during the silent auction. Notice they are not holding a bid packet. I am 100% against bid packets for several reasons that I will get into in another post. The most important reason is that guests have no place to put them other than under their arms or at their seats.

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