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52 Card Elimination Game Rules

The 52 Card Elimination Game is a simple game and the supplies are inexpensive - about 40 cents per player. Each card represents one play and requires a duplicate card for the dealer running the game. Multiple decks can be used depending on the number of guests OR depending on the price point. It's a good idea to offer games at different price points so that the entire buying power of the audience is tapped. 

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Dessert Dash Video - April Brown Auctioneer

The Dessert Dash is an fundraising activity that encourages your guests to interact with one another during the live auction timeline. Guests seated at each dining table decide individually how much money they are willing to pool together for the right to run and grab a dessert from the dessert dash table. They write that amount on the Dessert Dash Bid Sheet. The bid sheets are picked up, tallied and the table raising the largest amount of money is in first position when the dash begins. The auctioneer calls out the tables in ascending order until the last table has made a run for it.

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