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Non-profit Leadership - Charity Auction Fundraising

Those of us in the business of influencing change know that the most important way to getting into someone’s head is through their emotions. Anger is behind every injustice. Without anger few are motivated to get involved. The other important emotion is compassion. Once we see the injustice visited upon a person our compassion causes us to want to give, volunteer or create a vehicle for change. 

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This Auctioneer Will Help You Achieve Success
The auction method is used to create a fair competition between buyers with the intention of driving a sale to the highest possible dollar within a given buying audience. There are key professional players that are experts at rousing an audience to bid and buy. The Professional Auctioneer, Master of Ceremonies, Catalog Reader and Bid Catcher should be trained, experienced and able to offer good advice throughout the planning process.
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Essentials of a Wildly Successful Auction event

The Auction Chair, Event Planner or Auction Coordinator assign jobs and delegate dozens of tasks. They also decide the areas of the auction that need to be managed by professionals. Keeping clarity around the respective tasks and responsibilities will be important to your joy meter. As a vendor I have only one intention – that our professional relationship will be a source of great pride for all of us. 

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