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The Live Auction by April Brown Auctioneer

The live charity auction model can be as relaxed and informal as a picnic and as elaborate and entertaining as a Broadway show or as intimidating and intense as a Sotheby’s or Christie’s auction. Most fundraising auctions fall somewhere in between. All are productions that involve many players, hundreds of details with dozens of procedures and can be easily managed to profitability and fun.

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How to order the live auction by April Brown Auctioneer

I have a few loose rules I use to order the LIVE AUCTION CATALOG for your charity auction. Sometimes the items are nearly identical in value, desire and sometimes the donor for every item is in the room and if that is the case, I’m not convinced it matters so much what the order is.  It the items have been carefully procured based on the audience’s interest and bidding history, a bidding competition will likely be in play. It is that competition that drives the bid to the highest possible amount for that audience on that night.

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Essentials of a Wildly Successful Auction event

The Auction Chair, Event Planner or Auction Coordinator assign jobs and delegate dozens of tasks. They also decide the areas of the auction that need to be managed by professionals. Keeping clarity around the respective tasks and responsibilities will be important to your joy meter. As a vendor I have only one intention – that our professional relationship will be a source of great pride for all of us. 

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