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Anger and Passion - The Driving Force Behind Real Change

The truth about leaders is that most are motivated by the desire to make a change in the way things are. A good leader rarely wants to walk the path of another. They want to brave their own trail.  But what motivates someone to take on the role of a leader in the first place? Is it the attention that accomplishment brings? Sometimes. More often a leader is annoyed and even driven to anger and that emotion is enough to start the process for change. Yet anger rarely sustains any cause and even drives a healthy person to insanity.  At some point anger must be replaced with righteous passion. Passion sustains, anger drains.

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This Auctioneer Will Help You Achieve Success
The auction method is used to create a fair competition between buyers with the intention of driving a sale to the highest possible dollar within a given buying audience. There are key professional players that are experts at rousing an audience to bid and buy. The Professional Auctioneer, Master of Ceremonies, Catalog Reader and Bid Catcher should be trained, experienced and able to offer good advice throughout the planning process.
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