The Prize Wheel - Prizes for Everyone!

The Prize Wheel

The first modern version of the prize wheel was debuted in black and white on television in 1952. The game show lasted only one year and was revived 2 decades later by game show giant Merv Griffin. Wheel of Fortune combines questions with a gamble - the spinning of the wheel - for a winning syndication game show.

The Prize Wheel is a much simpler concept. Supporters pay to spin and win. It’s that easy. As the prizes are taken and dwindle the final players spin until the wheel lands on a prize. The point to the game is that everyone who plays wins.

This prize wheel is from the Forest Ridge Academy of the Sacred Heart in Seattle. Volunteers created the game in lasting materials with the intention of using it year after year and at other fundraising events. The game total is easy to determine in advance. Simply multiply the available prizes by the price to play. When the game sells out the auctioneer can announce the game is sold out and how much the supporters raised.

What you need to play The Prize Wheel

  1. Signup sheets on a clipboard.

  2. Prizes

  3. Prize Wheel

  4. Beads or pins to identify players

  5. 2 volunteers

  6. Signs

How to make a prize wheel

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