This Auctioneer Will Help You Achieve Success

April Brown Auctioneer

The auction method is used to create a fair competition between buyers with the intention of driving a sale to the highest possible dollar within a given buying audience. There are key professional players that are experts at rousing an audience to bid and buy. The Professional Auctioneer, Master of Ceremonies, Catalog Reader and Bid Catcher should be trained, experienced and able to offer good advice throughout the planning process.

The sales environment is supported by the next string of professionals:  the event planner, the auction coordinator, the audio and visual and lighting techs, the catering services and the clerking or financial transaction process. Every professional service will have an effect on the buying audience and the sales activity. These experts keep the event on time and running smoothly and entertaining. In recent years an entire industry has exploded around charity auctions with specialized vendors who want your business. The field is so new that few vendors understand how each link in the professional chain supports the other. It is up to you to set expectations for the professional vendors. So let’s start with the Auctioneer.


A real auctioneer steps up to the podium with the intention of raising top dollar. Period. I’ve never met an auctioneer who bragged about selling something for nothing and we are all proud of selling nothing for something. Sometimes at the end of my auctions if I sense that members of the audience want to keep buying I will actually ask the audience if they would like to bid on "air". I look for ways to get every dollar - including those dollars that tend to walk out the door.

There are many elements to consider when previewing an auctioneer. If you decide to watch an auctioneer, make sure you ask her or him about their style and if what you observed is typical of their work. A seasoned auctioneer should be able to adapt to the nature and message of the non profit organization while selling with energy and rapport.  Trust me, when the event is thrown off by oversights, technical difficulties, and the unexpected - experience matters.  Talk to a variety of organizations and volunteers that have worked with the auctioneer.  In addition, look for an auctioneer that contributes profitable unique ideas to keep your auction freh from year-to-year. 

The combination of a well-trained committee and a great auctioneer will always generate the most money.