How Manny Regalado Killed My Mother

How does a home remodeling con man set up scenario for involuntary manslaughter? Let me tell you my story and see if you agree. First let me tell you who I am and how Manny Regalado weaseled his way into my life and why all of us were vulnerable to his con.

I am a solo-entreprenuer as a charity auction specialist and auctioneer and I work from my home. I also own a house across the street and for Whisker City Cat Rescue sanctuary. Manny Regalado showed up one day to offer his handyman skills.

On September 21, 2017, one of our rescue cabins was broken into and the perpetrator beat and tried to beat and stomp a cat to death. The Cat, Quixote did not die and he returned a few hours later and finished off the defenseless and severely wounded rescued kitty. A similar story appeared online today. We called the police and after a short investigation, no arrest was made due to lack of evidence. Everyone, including King County Detective John Hawkins agreed with our belief that the next door neighbor Ken Patterson was the perpetrator. See this similar story in todays news. To be sure, I explored every lead and possible suspect we were made aware of and at the end of all fingers pointed back at Ken Patterson. Patterson had the motive, the access and is an admitted blackout drunk.

I needed to know for sure that Ken Patterson was guilty so I hired an attorney and ordered depositions Of Patterson and his girlfriend Ashley Geary. After reading the depos, I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Ken Patterson stomped Quixote to death and threw his body in the dumpster.

As anyone might imagine our right to a peaceful existence ended that day. Whisker City volunteers were exposed to Patterson’s intimidation and drunkenness. Day in and day out we worried this killer might strike again. Some worried he might kill me for accusing him. Patterson and Geary only recently moved sparring us of the constant reminder that Ken Patterson got away with murder. It was during this frightening time, Manny Regalado chose to infiltrate our lives with his stories of wealth and celebrity.

Manny Regalado met one of our volunteers and offered to do handyman work on the shelter. She brought him to the shelter on March 29, 2018. Quixote’s cabin was hard for us to look at. The outline of Quixote’s body was clearly visible in the blood stains, and the police dusting of black powder reminded us of the horror. We asked Manny to add 6 feet to the cabin and a small roof and volunteers painted it. The job was simple rough work. From that point on, Manny Regalado made himself part of the Whisker City Community. He attended the Whisker City Christmas Party, held 2 days before I hired him to build a roof on my house.

Manny has an annoying charm. I never liked the guy but I don’t have to like volunteers. My job as a director is to plug the talents of volunteers into the needs of Whisker City. It was good to have a handyman around, and since I didn’t interact with him much I was unaware that he annoyed everybody. When I did run into him he would make flattering comments about my looks. I rebuffed his comments and let him know they were not wanted. I noticed he said similar things to everyone, including men. I became so annoyed with the guy I talked to him like a sewer rat. He was un-phased.

Three weeks after Quixote was killed, my beloved brother Mike passed away. My brother lived with my mother in Wenatchee. After her last heart surgery, mother began showing signs of dementia. Mike had suffered a head injury from a roll-over car accident in 2005. He lost his short term memory and rarely spoke but together my mother and brother had a safe comfortable life. I appreciated my brother’s help since I live 3 hours away and my life is busy. When he died, everything changed. Mother’s grief exacerbated mother’s dementia. She missed Mike and his death re-opened the grief of my sister’s death. Mother was suffering and needed one of us to be with her 24/7. I drove to Wenatchee every 2 weeks and stayed 3 - 4 days each time. Anyone who has an aging parent with dementia knows the heartbreaking aspects of the disease. For those who don’t, I describe it as slow grief. The sadness is soul crushing. The worrisome unknowns and constant exploration for solutions crowds out the life a caregiver had. My wonderful family of seven all had our days and shifts and this was our new life - until mother died on September 8.

Mother did not just die. She was sitting in her chair waiting for me to come home. It was my turn to be with her but I had cancelled my visit and stayed home waiting on Manny Regalado to show up and fix the bathtub that was leaking from every joint. He came over with a helper turned off the water and said he was coming back. Mother fell that day and sustained a life ending brain injury. We all sat with mother for 4 and half days while she slowly turned into a DNR corpse. It was the worst experience of our lives and we are suffering PTSD.

On September 9 I returned home. Manny showed up on my doorstep with 2 bouquets of flowers. He began prattling about how much he missed me and how glad I was home. I looked at him in disbelief. He was oblivious to my bloodshot eyes, tissue rubbed nose and lethargy. I barked, “Manny I’m in deep grief. My mother just died. I don’t feel like talking. I just want you to finish my house”. He half chuckled that he only had time to work on the coming Saturday. He smiled and kept talking about himself and asked me to dinner. I brushed him back out the door and went to bed. I knew he had to go and everything I felt about him was real. Manny Regalado is a con man.

When he arrived on Saturday he was hours late. He came unprepared to fix the bath tub and all the leaks he caused the last time he came. I had had a new shorter haircut and he commented he liked my hair the other way. He talked endlessly about meaningless crap and kept trying to engage me. He got out his speaker and played his usual romantic music. I told him that he was at the bottom of my list and all I wanted him to do is finish my house. He said, “Your house is never going to be finished”. I replied that he was saying all the wrong things. He was happy and hyper and oblivious to my display of grief. All the knowing I had been pushing down for months roared to the surface. I called him out on all his mistakes, all the damage, all the harm he caused to my house and my family. He blamed the sub-contractors and he blamed me. I became so angry I began crying. He walked toward me with his arms as if to comfort me and I exploded with NO NO NO NO NO get away from me and get out of my house. He turned and the look in his eyes revealed the real Manny Regalado as he said, “I never told you I knew how to do all this stuff”. I have exchange on video surveillance.

Manny Regalado robbed me of time with my mother and added unimaginable stress to my life. He drained my bank account, defrauded Allstate Insurance and directly caused 230 days of misery. If I had been at my mother’s side on that fateful day, she would not have been alone, she would not have fallen and she would be with us today. This is how Manny Regalado killed my mother.