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Winner Rules of Redemption

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Travel package is non-refundable and subject to availability. Certificates/gift cards cannot be replaced. Passport required for travel outside the U.S. Travel is valid one year from the date of event. Tours run on specific days of the week and at specific times and planned in advance of departure. Hotel may be substituted with equal or similar accommodations from within our listings. A minimum 90 days advance reservation is required.


Where is Redbriks travel company located?

Redbriks is an inbound-outbound, travel centric tour operator, based in Tuscany, Italy and owned and operated by lifelong villager, Julian Palmer. Once your trip is booked, he will reach out prior to your arrival to coordinate your arrival and assist you with finalizing the details of your vacation.

How do I redeem my getaway?

Once the charity has responded to our Winning Bidder Confirmation email asking for the winning bidder full contact information, an introduction email will be sent to Julian Palmer. The winning bidder will receive a copy of that email.

Fill out the Booking Request Form as soon as possible and no more than 60 days before expiration date.

What are the travel guidelines?

Each destination has unique traits and suggested guidelines. Review the Experiences section for applicable notes and destination details.

Can I pay extra to travel during restricted dates?

Unfortunately no.  Our properties are available 12 months with no restrictions.

Can I add on additional days, weeks and add other locations to my itinerary?

Yes. Redbriks provides full service itinerary planning it Italy, France and Iceland.

What is the cost to add additional nights?

Pricing varies based on season, location and number of people traveling. Redbriks negotiates prices and fees on behalf of the traveler’s budget and requirements.

When does my trip expire?

Typically, you have 12 months from purchasing the trip to travel.

What is the cancellation policy once my trip is booked?

You have 60 + days prior to your arrival to change or cancel your reservation one time without additional fees.  Any additional changes, or if you cancel within 60 days of your arrival date the trip is forfeited.

Can I re-donate my package to another charity.

No but you can gift it within 30 days to private individual. 30 days will be added to the expiration date. A new certificate must be re-issued and full contact information must be received within 7 days of the gifting.

Can I sell my package to a private individual?

The package may not be re-sold or re-donated to a charity, business or individual, association, 501c3 and 501c4.

Can I extend the expiration date?

Yes. A one year extension will be granted for a fee of $250.


To initiate the booking process, the "Main Contact" must provide at least 4 preferred travel dates 90 days before expiration date and 60 days before preferred travel.

Within 5 business days from receiving the booking request form, a representative of Redbriks travel will get back with options, including availability calendar, photos and description of the property, based on the preferred travel dates.

When the Travel Party Representative confirms the dates, the assigned property will be reserved in their name.

The Booking assistance, travel consultation and concierge services included in this package will be offered to the aforementioned Travel Party Representative.


When the assigned property will be reserved on the Travel Party Representative name for the requested dates, no changes can be made to the reservation or the property assigned.

In the event of cancellation, all the enjoyment rights to the travel package will be lost.


Upon completion of the booking procedure, the Local Service Provider will send - to the aforementioned Travel Party Representative exclusively - instructions on how to reach the property, along with essential travel information.


We strongly advise you to take on travel insurance to cover all stages of the holiday including illness or injury, theft of personal belongings, flight or transport cancellations as well as cancellation of the rental booking itself.

In the event that you need assistance with airfare, travel insurance packages, personalized tours, museum tickets in major cities, car rental, train tickets and hotel accommodations and for all travel arrangements, Redbriks will be happy to help.

Redbriks Itinerary First Aid

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