What The Auction Chair had to say.

---April is a joy to work with. She's been our auctioneer for more than 15 years and we look forward to working with her year after year. She is a great performer and so easy to work with. Each year she helps us come up with something new for raising more money. Christ the King

----Our auction has been limping alon for more than 10 years and we were so disappointed in the auctioneers we hired that we changed nearly every year. I'm so glad we changed one more time and hired April Brown. My board was a bit hesitant going with a female auctioneer, however April proved her expertise instantly. She's been with us 5 years and our proceeds have grown right along with our friendship.

----Our auction would have been a disaster if it wasn’t for April and her Charity Auction World Team. We were running so late on auction day.  She and her team pitched in folding tent cards, distributing menus and making sure everything was ready when the doors open up. We could not have pulled this off without them.

----The best fund raising decision I ever made was hiring Charity Auction World for our annual auction and gala. It was a bit more expensive than the auctioneers we’ve used in the past, but the result was over the top! And it wasn’t just an auctioneer that showed up, it was a team of auction professionals including an MC and a catalog reader that enticed our audience to spend over $25,000 more than last year! WOW! It was a record night!

----For years we just hired an auctioneer, who showed up on auction night and usually did an ok job; some better than others. This year we hired a team of auction professionals, Charity Auction World, led by the very entertaining April, who has 20 years of auction experience. She nailed it! We made nearly twice as much money. I have found out that there is a huge difference between an auctioneer and an auction team!

----It was a battle at the board level. Some wanted one of several media personalities and after working with April on another auction, ohers wanted to hire her professional auction team. We eventually decided to try Charity Auction World and they made more money for us than we could have possibly imagined!! Even the board members who wanted the TV personality were blown away. He may have attracted a few more guests, but the auction team far exceeded our auction goals where it counts, in the bottom line. And they were a blast to work with! 


Charity Auction World - April Brown

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  5. How will you support our team?
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April Brown with actor Yuval David  Human Rights Campaign


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