What The Auction Chair had to say.

---April Brown is a joy to work with. She's been our charity auctioneer for more than 15 years and we look forward to working with her year after year. She is a great performer and so easy to work with. Each year she helps us come up with something new for raising more money. Christ the King

----Our charity auction had been limping along for more than 10 years and we were so disappointed in the charity auctioneers we hired that we changed nearly every year. I'm so glad we changed one more time and hired Seattle Auctioneer, April Brown. April proved her expertise instantly. She's been with us five years and our proceeds have grown right along with our friendship.

----Our benefit auction would have been a disaster if it wasn’t for April Brown and her Charity Auction World Team. We had trouble getting into the venue on time and we were running late getting setup on auction day.  April and her team pitched in folding tent cards, distributing menus and making sure everything was ready when the doors open up. We could not have pulled this off without them.

----The best fundraising decision I ever made was hiring April Brown and Charity Auction World for our annual benefit auction gala. It was a bit more expensive than the auctioneers we’ve used, but the financial result was over the top! This was the first time we have ever worked with a team of professionals that included a master of ceremonies and a catalog reader. They enticed our audience to spend $25,000 more than last year! WOW! It was a record night!

----For years we hired an auctioneer who showed up on auction night and usually did an okay job. This year we hired April Brown of Charity Auction World. April nailed it! We made nearly twice as much money.

---- April Brown is the best auctioneer. She made more money for us than we could have possibly imagined!! Even the board members who wanted the TV personality were blown away. We far exceeded our auction goals where it counts, in the bottom line. And they were a blast to work with! 



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Charity Auctioneer April Brown

The Charity Auctioneer that Delivers Results

  • Master Charity Auction Specialist, MCAS.
  • Veteran Charity Auctioneer with 24 years experience.
  • Innovative Developer of The One Bid Board, Dessert Dash, Auction Games, Branding for Good, Value Per Minute Formula, Ring Toss, Word Up, Loaded Bid Paddle, Lucky Squares Board.
  • Conducts charity auctions from coast to coast.

"April Brown is more than a charity auctioneer, she is an expert collaborator, trainer and performer. Her team of auction professionals are easy to work with and ensures that our annual LIHI auction is a success year after year. She invests her time and expertise in the charity auction planning process and has helped us create a signature affair our supporters look forward to attending. Her energy is contagious and her professional auctioneering skills are unmatched. Whether she is advising our volunteers or sharing the stage with celebrity, she has the unique ability of developing rapport with everyone.  She is an amazing talent and we are fortunate to have her on our team for more than a decade.” Sharon Lee, Executive Director Low Income Housing Institute.

 April’s advice and training is amazing. I’ve never met anyone with more ideas for helping us raise money. She helped us focus on our resources and avoid mistakes and she’s always ready to try something new. We tried games for the first time and they were a big hit and the way she does the Fund-a- need made everyone feel honored. She got every penny in the room. She understands our strengths and limitations and she saves us time and helps us raise more money. April makes all the difference in how our auction and guest feel about what we do and why we need their personal and financial support.

Brenne Schario, Bridge Ministries